Levitra - With age, many men face the challenge of erectile dysfunction.

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Due to lifestyle habits, poor feeding and many other determinants, erectile dysfunction has off-late become a problem for many men across all ages.

This has necessitated the development of solutions and Levitra is part of the erectile dysfunction (ED) solution.

In other markets, it goes by other names such as Vivanza and Staxyn depending on the company distributing. Many other drugs have been developed to address the same problem such as Viagra and Cialis.


Levitra should be stored in a cool dry place, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. It should be kept as far away from children as possible to avoid any accidents. A cabinet for instance, or a drawer can do the job. As with all drugs, exposure to extreme conditions should be avoided.

Side effects

Levitra has side effects common with many drugs of its category (PDE5 inhibitors). The most common are nausea, back pain, headaches, stomach ache, eye pain, rashes and itching, myalgia, abnormal vision and priapism. Side effects such as priapism are rare. Priapism, an extremely painful condition if left untreated can result in permanent impotence. When you notice any abnormal side effect therefore, a physician should be immediately contacted. Heart attack is another rare side effect. To be on the safe side, you should visit a physician so that any underlying issues that may be aggravated by use of the drug can be addressed. Otherwise, you may be risking your life not knowing any better.


Use of PDE5 inhibitors should not be accompanied by use of nitrate based drugs. The two can adversely react in the body causing dangerously low blood pressure that can be life threatening. Also, men taking drugs that interfere with the QT interval should avoid Levitra, and other PDE5 inhibitors. In general, men with cardiovascular problems and conditions such as aortic stenosis and the like should avoid Levitra. In addition, those with susceptibility to stroke, a history of cardiac failure and arrhythmia should not use the drug until further information is available.


Dosage should be strictly adhered to. An overdose may result in life threatening situations for those with certain conditions such the ones some mentioned above. Moreover, side effects become more apparent and intense. A physician should be contacted immediately and supportive measures should be commenced immediately. In conclusion, it is a good idea to first of all visit a physician so that your case can be assessed in line with all your personal health issues. Some cases of ED do not necessarily require drugs. If you get a prescription, always make sure that you purchase from trusted sources. This way, you are more likely to get the original product since there are counterfeits in the market.

Each has its own upsides and downsides but all are effective in their own right. Right now however, we will categorically discuss Levitra.

Levitra, otherwise known as Verdanafil, is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor in scientific terms. Its active ingredient is Verdanafil and it comes in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets which point out the Verdanafil content of the tablets.



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Levitra is a round tablet that is orange in color. It is film coated and easily identifiable for those who have come across the drug before. Depending on the market, the tablets usually have a brand name engraved.More…

It is advisable that you visit a doctor so that assessment can be done and the most effective dose for your case be determined. However, the normal dose for starters is a 10mg tablet which should be taken only once a day. The dose can then be increased or reduced as deemed fit according to the individual case. The tablet should be consumed between 30 minutes to 1 hour before any sexual activity for maximum efficacy. More…

The effects of the drug last between 7 and 8 hours. If taken strictly as per instructions, the drug is quite effective. The drug can be used with or without food and the exact period before the effect of the drug kick in vary slightly from person to person. More…